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Unlocking Timber Quality: Timber Defects Handbook
Posted on : 30 May 2024

31 May 2024

Employees from STIDC, Rasasang Sdn Bhd, and Permata Timber Sdn Bhd participated in a lab from 27 – 30 May 2024 in Bintulu to identify timber samples to publish the first edition of the Timber Defects Handbook.

This book is a handy guide designed to assist Quality Control Timber Inspectors, Timber Graders, and other stakeholders in understanding and identifying timber defects.

Timber is a versatile and widely used material, but like any natural resource, it can possess defects that affect its quality and performance. These defects can arise from various factors such as the growth conditions of the tree, processing methods, and environmental factors.

In this book, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of common timber defects, along with clear descriptions and illustrations to aid in their recognition. By familiarising yourself with these defects, you will be better equipped to assess the quality of timber and consider how its defects may impact its intended use.

It is hoped that this book would serve as a valuable reference tool for anyone involved in the timber industry, from inspectors and graders to manufacturers and consumers. By promoting greater awareness and understanding of timber defects, we can work towards improving the quality and sustainability of timber products.


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