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Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC)

Wisma Sumber Alam, Jalan Stadium,Petra Jaya, 93050 Kuching,

Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel : 082-473 000      Fax : 082-442 691


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Last Update: 27 Jun 2017
Version 8.0.2
Public ParticipationPublic Participation

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation would like to engage the public to participate in public participation provided for improving service delivery. Your feedback is very useful to improve the delivery of services for the customer satisfaction.


Activities Period
Public Consultation on Mobile Channel Service


Easy and fast information delivery is beneficial to our customers and save their time. STIDC would like to collect public opinion on which mobile channel service is easier to access STIDC website in order to deliver the information to our customers in a fast and easy way.

Feedback Status
9 September 2016 until 31 December 2016

Status : Closed
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016

The survey aimed to assess customer satisfaction with the services provided by STIDC and to improve the quality of services.

Report of Survey
20 September 2016 until 10 October 2016

Status : Closed
Public Consultation on Timber Species

Public opinion on which timber species is the most popular in Sarawak.

Feedback Outcome
15 June 2016 until 15 August 2016

Status : Closed
Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

Feedback on customers' satisfaction concerning services provided by STIDC.

Report of Survey
28 May 2015 until 30 August 2015

Status : Closed